Manufacturing Quality

You will not find better quality, design or craftsmanship anywhere! Our expertly crafted jewelry is manufactured one piece at a time in the United States at only the highest standards of quality. No short cuts ever!

All of our production pieces of jewelry are solidly crafted from 1st generation masters. None of our jewelry is “Hollowed Out” to try to lighten them up, and none of our pieces are mass produced by overseas factories in 3rd world nations.

All of our jewelry containing gemstones is hard hand set utilizing old world European setting techniques. None of our jewelry is manufactured with pre-molded bead type prongs or grooved channels, just as we do not cast diamonds in place. While these types of setting practices have become common place in jewelry sold today, it is inferior and we believe that these techniques are unacceptable.

While it is much more labor intensive, all of our gemstones are painstakingly individually hand seated in solid metal and set one stone at a time right down to the hand raised beads for the micro-pave set gemstones in our custom alloy implant grade surgical steel jewelry once again insuring only the highest levels of manufacturing integrity are used.

Our quality is a difference that you can not only see but also feel in each and every one of our pieces again resonating our mantra “That Quality Is The Only True Arbitrator Of Value”.