Production and Custom Jewelry

Production Jewelry

Due to the fact that this end of our jewelry has taken a new direction we will be adding new pieces as often as possible. There are well over 300 different pieces to this line and they will be added slowly and steadily to our site. If there is something in particular that you are interested in, but do not see it on the site please don’t hesitate contact us. While the piece or type of piece you are looking for may not be up on the site we may already be in the process of making it, and if not we would be more than happy to make it for you as a custom piece. We are also more than happy to make a modified version of one of our designs already in production to meet your specific needs or desires.

Custom Jewelry

Please always keep in mind our background is over 25 years of making the highest quality one of a kind custom jewelry designs utilizing the casting, hand fabrication, machining, and hand assembly processes ensuring that you get a custom piece of jewelry that is as unique as you! Custom jewelry is not just something that we offer as a side service or necessary evil as in the case of most brick and mortar jewelry stores it has been the primary focus of our lead designer for over a quarter of a century.