The Thorny Decay Wedding Band Ring©

the darker side of dark elegance!

This elegant, three dimensionally sculpted “Dead Vines & Thorns” 7.85mm. wide, spooled band ring with its ellipse round outer bands and three dimensional “Dead Bark” finish and high polished non-lethal “Deadly Thorns” center band, as well as its extreme inside round comfort fit allows this decadently dark ring to feel as good as it looks!

This fully sculpted masterpiece allows for multiple combinations of our super premium cut Diamonds and Colored Gemstones accents to be sent in numerous combinations, and this shadow band is available in any of our premium alloys in either a single metal or two tone finish.

This unisex band ring is a perfect match for any darkling!

“Dead Vines & Thorns” not your thing? Not an issue as we can recreate this ring style in any vine you desire, even a living one with leaves and no thorns.

Pictured in palladium alloyed sterling silver.

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