The Raw Ring©

Yet another ring those who prefer our bold, clean line, European flare type pieces but prefer a little less drama we present you with Raw©

In typical Atelier Gothique style Raw© is clean and “Soft” but yet still makes a statement. With its 10mm. wide, semi-soft half round top and inside round comfort fit finger hole this beauty feels as elegant as it looks!

In keeping with Atelier Gothique’s Designer’s background as an internationally recognized Senior Gemologist Appraiser and one of the World’s foremost experts on rare gemstones his love for the natural formation of gems crowns this series. 

Raw © Is available in any width, shape and thickness, in all of our alloys and any combination of absolute top quality, natural, un-cut Diamond and Colored Gemstone Crystals

Shown is Raw© in 10.0mm. width, with a 3/4 carat modified burnish set, triangular macle, raw alluvial diamond crystal with natural trigon faces, with a custom string silk matte finish.

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