The Old Skool Skull Ring XL©

Paying homage to our roots, going back to the time before “Goth” was even called “Goth”, where the evenings were spent cocooned in “Painted & Spiked” Brooks Leather Jackets, cigarettes dangling from our lips, Dr. Marten’s pounding the dance floors of the underground clubs to the music that defined our lives. Back to the days before Atelier Gothique was a company and the time that AG’s lead designer created his 1st skull rings.

We proudly present you with the brand new Old Skool Ring XL©
This is the 1st “Traditional Style’ skull ring we have released in over 20 years.

To add a twist this bad boy is the undisputed heavyweight champion of all skull rings, with its massive 35 x 24mm stature it dwarfs even our Iconic Detroit Deconstruction Skull Ring©

Like the DDSR©, Old Skool Skull Ring XL© comes with the eye sockets inlayed with our custom blended, three dimensionally bonded, reinforced ceramic in your choice of colors.

This ring is also available full micro-pavé setting in the eyes or full ring (covering the entire surface of the ring) and every combination in-between.

If the Detroit Deconstruction Skull Ring© is the real deal leaving all other skull rings limp with fear. Then it’s bad to the core Big Brother Old Skool Skull Ring XL© will leave them wetting themselves in the corner!

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