The Concave Groove Saddle Rings & Concave Saddle Rings V2.0

The Concave Groove Saddle Rings & Concave Saddle Rings V2.0©

Like their predecessor with their robust stature and concave sides formed to cradle the adjoining fingers, along with their inside round comfort fit centers these rings feel and wear like no other. Because good enough is never good enough in V2.0 we have increased the dramatic arch of the “finger grooves’ and given the inside comfort fit a much more extreme internal round

These incredible rings are now available in five sizes:
• XXL at 13.5mm. wide
• XL at 11.5mm. wide
• MD at 9.5mm. wide
• SM at 7.5mm. wide
• XSM at 5.5mm. wide

Available with gemstones or without, with the solid top or channel groove, with burnish or micro pave set diamonds, colored gemstones or custom ceramic inlay. These rings are available in all high polished, hand silk matte & high polish, or media blasted finish.

Pictured is SM inlayed with our custom blended, three dimensionally bonded, Reinforced, deep green transparent ceramic, in hand silk matte & high polished finish

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