Memento Mori Medium Ring©

We are proud to Introduce The Memento Mori Ring© series.

Paying homage to the 16th century in our signature bold and contemporary comfort fit styles we are proud to present you with the latest addition to our line.

With 18 base styles to choose from 3 petite frames, 6 small frames, 3 medium frames, and 6 large frames with virtually infinite possible combinations of diamonds colored gemstones you just can’t go wrong!

These unisex masterpieces are available in all of our premier luxury metal alloys combined with limitless combinations of diamonds (white & fancy colored), top color and origin colored gemstones and our custom blended, three dimensionally bonded, reinforced ceramic as well as being fully customizable to suit your unique taste.

Pictured is one version of the Memento Mori Medium Rings© with .18 carat of super premium cut white diamonds set into the eyes and .40 carat of premium cut black diamonds channel set into the band

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