Margaritifera Melee Necklace Pendant©

One-Off Wearable Sculptural Masterpiece ©

This heart stopping one-off wearable sculpture will command as much attention around the neck as it will in a museum mount display!

In keeping with the Atelier Gothique tradition of taking jewelry to a whole new level we present you with our homage to the sea.

As with every one of a kind sculptural masterpiece we create, these stand alone works of wearable art are intended for those who understand there is no such thing as “Over The Top”.

Each and every piece we make is manufactured at the highest quality levels utilizing different combinations of the following processes;
Hand Fabrication
Hand Forging
Die Striking
Die Rolling
Hand Assembly
Hand Engraving

We are the experts for one off’s (one of a kinds), as well as being known for creating cutting edge setting styles that have never been seen before. We believe in “pushing the envelope” so nothing is too far out there. When we design a piece of jewelry for you we are creating not just a piece of jewelry but rather a work of art, and more specifically a Masterpiece. Regardless of your style and taste we can create that perfect one of a kind piece that will reflect who you are right down to your core. We believe in creating the unbelievable, we believe that within each and every one off custom we leave a piece of us, we believe that your jewelry should be a total reflection of your taste, wants beliefs and desires. We want our jewelry to excite your senses and touch your soul.

Custom jewelry is not just something that we offer as a side service or necessary evil as in the case of most jewelry stores it has been the primary focus of our lead designer for over 25 years.
Our greatest reward is the happiness and joy that our one of a kind’s bring to their adopted owners, along with their allowing us to be a part of their magical life journey.

Pictured is The Margaritifera Melee Necklace Pendant©

Solidly crafted on fifty-three parts of yellow gold, rose gold and palladium this wearable sculpture features a “teardrop” shaped ruby and two Fiji pearls.
This fully three dimensional masterpiece stands a towering 3.5” from top to bottom and depicts a “shark diving cage” with a fully articulated top shackle assembly while elegantly being encircle by two black tipped reef sharks.

This sculptural masterpiece exemplifies our ability to create the most unique one off for our clients being only limited by your wants and desires.

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