he Wail In Wed Ring©

Custom Masterpiece Wedding Bands©

This breathtaking One-Off ring will command attention and catch the eye of every passerby

For those of discerning taste and “Off The Rack” is just not an expression in their vocabulary. Since there is nothing “Ordinary” about you why would you want an “Ordinary” wedding band?

Every unique one of a kind ring we create in this series is intended for those who want wedding bands that speak directly to their own taste, style, and interests.

We have paid tribute with our custom wedding band designs to Frank Lloyd Wright, ripples in a pond, the double helix, rolls of film, New Mexico Mesa’s, Tibetan Symbolism, The Colorado Rocky Mountains, circuit boards, pretty much anything and everything you can possibly imagine………

Each and every piece we make is manufactured at the highest quality levels utilizing different combinations of the following processes;
Hand Fabrication
Hand Forging
Die Striking
Die Rolling
Hand Assembly
Hand Engraving

We are the experts for one off’s (one of a kinds), as well as being known for creating cutting edge setting styles that have never been seen before. We believe in “pushing the envelope” so nothing is too far out there. When we design a piece of jewelry for you we are creating not just a piece of jewelry but rather a work of art, and more specifically a Masterpiece. Regardless of your style and taste we can create that perfect one of a kind piece that will reflect who you are right down to your core. We believe in creating the unbelievable, we believe that within each and every one off custom we leave a piece of us, we believe that your bridal jewelry should be a total reflection of your taste, wants beliefs and desires. We want our jewelry to excite your senses and touch your soul.

Custom jewelry is not just something that we offer as a side service or necessary evil as in the case of most jewelry stores it has been the primary focus of our lead designer for over 25 years.
Our greatest reward is the happiness and joy that our one of a kind’s bring to their adopted owners, along with their allowing us to be a part of their amazing, magical journey.

Pictured is The Wail In Wed Ring©

Expertly crafted in a molten skin finish in 950 Palladium. This ring pays homage to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The photos don’t capture the magnitude of how this band looks just like weathered stone………. And while the alignment of the photos are off we recreated each “Brick” in the 3 rows sans the plant life to recreate the pictured section of the wall.

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