Atelier Gothique Custom Remounts©

It’s not that we don’t do “Traditional Type Jewelry”
It’s that we do it to a level that crushes the mainstream!

Here at Atelier Gothique we are internationally known for creating highest end Gothic and Fetish custom, bridal and fashion jewelry as well as being the gemological experts providing the finest, rarest, and custom cut diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls.

Often however we are contacted by our private clients inquiring about more “Traditional Looking” jewelry because our clients while Goth, Fet, Edgy and / or Unique individuals cannot always “Fly Their Flag” so to speak, but still want to work with someone like minded in other words “One of their own”

Hence our mantra “Created for us by those like us”

That said, you need not worry we have you covered we as our body of work knows no limits.

“Coin Frame” pendants have flooded the marketplace for well over a hundred years, all are regurgitation’s of one another. All are mass produced mountings most often made in mass factories overseas and lack elegant composition, style and craftsmanship. Every single store whether independent or big box chain carry the same styles.

For Atelier Gothique to make any piece it will be done to a much higher standard and have attributes that those others lack. We feel our clients are special and therefore deserve better than mass produced regurgitation.

While this coin pendant may have some “Traditional Lines” and “Traditional White Diamonds” it is anything but “Traditional”

Each and every piece we make is manufactured at the highest quality levels utilizing different combinations of the following processes;
Hand Fabrication
Hand Forging
Die Striking
Die Rolling
Hand Assembly
Hand Engraving

Like all AG jewelry this slide / pendant is made one piece at a time around the center coin made fully to AG demanding standards in our workshop
It’s always hard to tell stature from a photo but this masterpiece is bold and striking all in the same package.

Pictured in 14kt gray and royal yellow gold we created a new home for the client’s 1910 Indian Head Gold Half Eagle family heirloom coin. This solid, closed back slide / pendant has pierced back azure worth in “Colonial Star” motif.

The top bail portion contains (1) bezel set top quality, custom faceted and carved, 1.41 carat Ceylon sapphire. Surrounding this exquisite sapphire are (30) hand drilled, common bead set,  premium round brilliant cut white diamonds .27 carat total weight.

This slide / pendant like all Atelier Gothique jewelry is available in any combinations of our custom metal alloys as well as our white or fancy colored diamonds and colored gemstones of all colors and origins for both the center as well as the accent stones and can be made to house any type of coin.

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