1930’s Redux©

Recreating history with AG flair!

Giving a nod to the era where American jewelry manufacturing really came into its own.
For a brief decade in-between the Art Deco and Retro periods we find the 1930’s. This jewelry era is where the American Jewelry manufactures started to find their voice.
Paying homage to the Edwardian / Belle Époque and the Art Deco era’s the jewelry of this period was a bit more “clean” but still contained the elements of those times.

Giving our nod to this period we keep with the geometry, hexagon / octagon millgrain edge, hand raised bead setting section and hand engraving but also add our signature comfort fit bands and unlike the jewelry off the time we create these pieces solid as with all AG jewelry to be able to withstand a lifetime of wear.

As with all Atelier Gothique jewelry these rings can be made with and size, shape, or combination of center stone (diamonds or colored gemstones) and any configuration of accent stones and / or hand engraving (diamonds or colored gemstones) going around the center stone, the band, or the gallery of the center section.

Pictured is 1930’s Redux© done as a re-mounting for our clients family diamond (.70ct round brilliant cut) in our palladium alloy 925 sterling silver surrounded by (24) of our super premium cut round brilliant diamonds (.20ctw) then fully hand engraved

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