We Call It “Master & servant © XL”

The Ultimate Luxury Slide / Pendant Fetish Necklace

“Sometimes it can be as much fun to give as it is to receive” – Atelier Gothique

The finest “Flogger” necklace ever made, leaving all others submissively cowering!

Size: Handle 44mm. long, 12mm. diameter three dimensional round handle and 3″ long tendrils

With its solid, rounded stature, free sliding hidden bail, and graceful silky smooth free moving tendrils this pendant looks as amazing as it feels while worn against the skin and better yet run over the flesh. This slide/pendant can be worn on coils, multi strand chains, solid chains, leather chords and silk. So whether you want to symbolize you Dom, Domme, Master or Mistress status or just want to embrace your fetishist style then this is the necklace for you!

Keeping up with our lead designer’s tradition of raising the bar and setting standards within the jewelry industry we yet again introduce you to a first. Master & Servant© (in our custom alloy of hypo-allergenic 316L surgical implant grade stainless steel) when paired with a high end violet wand with a body contact probe turns this necklace into the first ever jewelry/fetish toy that will bring your submissive to shocking new levels!

This luxurious slide/pendant contains 14 burnish set diamond “handle Orbs”. This slide/pendant is also available with a full micro-pavé set diamond “Dome Top” and with a full micro-pavé set diamond “Spiral Handle”.

Pictured is Master & Servant© XL with 14 full cut round brilliant black diamonds.

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