The Big Bracket Bling Owned Ring ©“Own” Your Owned!

“some people have the need to feel wanted while others have the need to be “owned” – atelier gothique

Taking the finest “Story of “O” ring ever made to yet another new level and still leaving all other bondage rings found wanting! With its over 10mm. wide stature, inside round comfort fit grace this ring looks as amazing as it feels. With its free moving “O” ring attached to a new larger stylized industrial frame bracket this rings grace is matched by its sturdy edge while adding a bit of bling to match your own personal taste!

So whether you want to symbolize your D/s relationship or just want to embrace your fetishist style then this is the ring we will modify specifically for you! Want a modified shape center bracket? Tri-color metal combination or just set with stones representing your “House” colors well then your possible combinations are limitless!

Pictured is the Big Bracket Bling Owned Ring© with the bracket floor and side center rail micro-pavé set with (52) Super Premium Cut, Round Brilliant White Diamonds.

As with all Atelier Gothique jewelry these can be set in any combination of white or fancy colored diamonds as well as our premium cut, top quality colored gemstones in any combination of our fine alloys of metal. Not enough diamond for your? We can fully pavé set every square mm of the bracket as well as the band!

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