Simplistically Owned Concealed Collar©

Cleanly Hidden In Plain Sight

Some people have the need to feel wanted while others have the need to be “Owned” – Atelier Gothique

This necklace is done as a production run for those who need to “Swim Among The Vanillas”.

As members of the community we fully understand the need for discretion. While many within the community are in the position to be able to wear their status, kink, or colors proudly there are many who cannot due to professional, work related, and / or family issues.

We fully understand this and have been and continue to be here to accommodate those who must live in both worlds.

This necklace with its simplistic combination of style, design, and elegance allows you or yours to wear the perfect piece as a collar yet the significance be completely unknown by those who are not “In The Know”.

This necklace appears just to be a beautiful unique piece of jewelry that can be worn daily.

This necklace is set with gemstones in clusters of three to represent the Triskelion.
One Set Of Three: To represent House or Family Colors
Two Sets Of Three: To represent The Dom and the sub
Three Sets Of Three: To represent the House or Family Colors, The Dom and the sub.

These can be set with all combinations of white or colored diamonds and / or colored gemstones depending on metal alloy restrictions

Pictured is The One Set Of Three Version representing the House Colors of Black & Red. Set with (2) premium cut round brilliant black diamonds (.15ctw) and (1) absolute top quality, diamond cut, Burmese ruby (.08ct).

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