Concealed Collar Series©

Hidden In Plain Sight

This series is all done as custom for those who need to “Swim Among The Vanillas”.
As members of the community we fully understand the need for discretion. While many within the community are in the position to be able to wear their status, kink, or colors proudly there are many who cannot due to professional, work related, and / or family issues.
We fully understand this and have been and continue to be here to accommodate those who must live in both worlds.

We work with you to configure the absolute best possible combination of style and design so you can wear the perfect piece to be your collar yet the significance be completely unknown by those who are not “In The Know”. All work in this series appears just to be a beautiful unique piece of jewelry that can be worn daily.

You have unlimited options all we need to know is your style and taste and metal and / or gemstone choices and we will create for you an amazing work of art.

Each and every piece done by our hand is created at the highest quality levels utilizing different combinations of the following processes;
Hand Fabrication
Hand Forging
Die Striking
Die Rolling
Hand Assembly
Hand Engraving

We are the experts for one off’s (one of a kinds), as well as being known for creating cutting edge setting styles and designs that have never been seen before. We believe in “pushing the envelope” so nothing is too far out there. When we design a piece of jewelry for you we are creating not just a piece of jewelry but rather a work of art, and more specifically a Masterpiece. Regardless of your style and taste we can create that perfect one of a kind piece that will reflect your relationship right down to your core. We believe in creating the unbelievable, we believe that your collaring jewelry should be a total reflection of your relationship, taste, wants beliefs and desires rather than being some mass produced piece of jewelry. We want your collar to excite your senses and touch your soul.

Custom jewelry is not just something that we offer as a side service or necessary evil as in the case of most jewelry stores it has been the primary focus of our lead designer for over 25 years.
Our greatest reward is the happiness and joy that our one of a kind’s bring to their adopted owners, along with their allowing us to be a part of their amazing, magical journey by creating a piece of such significant importance.

Pictured is an AG Custom Collaring Necklace© “Collard©”that is all hand fabricated in 18kt rose gold and 950 Palladium with a swivel lobster claw clasp. The collar is forged from solid round rod stock

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