Custom Remounting

As time passes so does what we fancy. Do you often find yourself looking down upon your ring thinking “Only If?”  or “I wish it was more like..” or “I love my stone but this mounting is dated or does not suit my style or personality?” Did you inherit a diamond or other gemstone from a cherished loved one that was in a dated mounting or that was not your taste and you would never wear?  Did you inherit grandmas engagement diamond and you already have your own but would like it custom mounted into a necklace so you can wear it daily to keep her close?

Doing something about it is much easier than you think! Here at AG we have been creating the most breathtaking custom mountings for 30 years. While you know our work you may not know that we have options for those that want to “Reinvent” what they already own. A little know factoid is that most people will remount their original engagement ring stone(s) once to twice during their lifetime. This way the sentimentality is preserved and they can have a piece that is truly them and cherished.

A safe & simple process that will result in a piece of jewelry that will surpass your expectations and make those could have, should have, would haves reality!

You ship (Insured) to us or meet with us with your existing jewelry item(s) along with any copies of Laboratory Grading Reports. The moment we receive your shipment your item(s) are fully covered by our Jewelers Block Policy issued by the #1 company for the jewelry & gemstone industry (we can also provide you with a copy of our certificate of liability insurance upon request). Your items when not being worked on are stored in the highest rated alarmed safe available for the jewelry industry.

Your Diamond(s) or other Gemstone(s) are then inspected for any signs of damage or indicators of hidden issues that could potentially impact the remount. This inspection is performed in our fully equipped Gemological Laboratory by our Award Winning Senior Gemologist. Once the Diamond(s) or Gemstone(s) pass inspection they are measured for the design process.

If during the inspection process damage (Chipped diamond, percussion abrasion etc.) is discovered you will be advised of what your best options are. If recutting is recommended you will be given a recutting estimate. If you chose to recut, your gemstone(s) could not be in better hands as our Diamond & Colored Gemstone Lapidaries are the top award winning cutters and have cut some of the most important  Diamonds & Colored Gemstones in the world.

We then consult with you with regards to your taste, metal preferences and style so we can design the perfect piece for you personally. Once you approve the design we create a three dimensional model for your approval (In person or via photograph depending on your geographical location) and the final estimate is given with options in all applicable alloys.

All major Diamond(s) or Colored Gemstone(s) that do not already have Laboratory Grading Reports issued by recognized Laboratories on them, are as a courtesy to you as part of our client appreciation policy run through the Laboratory and have the most detailed grading reports in the industry issued on them.

If you choose your old mounting will be refined and you will receive a full credit (unlike these cash for gold scam houses that have popped up all over the world as of late) for the precious metal content recovered. (We look at the full scrap credit as just another form of payment vs. as a revenue profit center hence why YOU receive the maximum recoverable amount) This credit will be deducted from your final payment.

Once your new piece is complete a full narrative comprehensive insurance appraisal is issued by our Senior Gemologist Appraiser (who also instructs for the jewelry industry on gemological and appraisal issues) as a courtesy to you and includes updates for life at no charge.

Your appraisal is then emailed to you so you may set up a current insurance policy on your item so it is properly covered the second you receive it.

Your item is then returned to you via insured shipping (or picked up) and you have a brand new reinvention that is custom made to the absolute highest standards for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

For more information on having a custom AG remount please contact us anytime.

Please keep in mind that our client base spans the globe so we are very accustomed to working from a distance with our clients it is something that we do on a daily basis.