Fine Jewelry Finally Has A Dark Side

Welcome to Atelier Gothique. The premiere website for alternative high end jewelry that not only showcases amazing jewelry, but also links together the community that inspired Atelier Gothique’s creation.

Atelier Gothique is the first high end dark underground line of fine jewelry featuring custom bridal and fashion jewelry.

Born from and inspired by Detroit’s dark underground gothic, music, art, and fetish scene, this line of jewelry is as bold, hard, and edgy as the city in which it draws its inspiration. For those searching for fine jewelry that will make as much of a statement as their wardrobe and lifestyle, finally there is an answer.

For years those with more Avant-garde taste have had to settle for mainstream jewelry designs or mass produced low end silver jewelry that clashed with their sense of style, quality and fashion.

At last, you no longer have to settle! Whether you are looking for a custom one of a kind wedding set, engagement ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet, body jewelry, want to chose from our pieces already in production, or would prefer a modified version of our production pieces we know we can exceed your expectations.

Each piece we make is expertly crafted one piece at a time with the utmost attention to detail. So whether your taste is Gothic, Alternative, EBM, Dark Wave, Steam Punk, Lolita, Psychobilly, Rivithead, Pinup, Industrial, Fetish, or anything in-between we are able to match our jewelry with your definitive sense of style.